AIDS and HIV positive are 2 sides of the same coin


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AIDS and HIV positive are 2 sides of the same coin, know the risks

Being HIV positive often confuses people. The diagnosis of both of them is different, but they both happen together. In fact, AIDS is a disease cause by the presence of the HIV virus in the body.

Once upon a time, being infected with HIV or AIDS was like a death sentence. But now, due to the development of science and the discovery of medicines, the patient of this disease can not only have a long life, but can also lead his business life in a normal way.

Is AIDS (HIV) a virus?
HIV is a virus that destroys the immune system of the human body. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, as its name suggests, it attacks humans It suppresses their immune system.

As a result, the human body does not have the power to fight the diseases. It is not enough for the body, therefore, the strength of its competition is provided to the body through medicines.

How does AIDS occur?
The infection that occurs due to the entry of AIDS (HIV) into the body is called AIDS, which is an acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This disease occurs when the immune system of an HIV-positive person’s body is adversely affected.

It is a complex situation, the symptoms of which may vary from person to person. Its symptoms are detect when it appears in the case of any disease due to the loss of immunity, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. In addition, such patients also suffer from some types of cancer. Can be victims.

Doesn’t every HIV positive suffer from AIDS?
This is an important point. Most people think that a person who is HIV positive will also develop AIDS, while there are many people who have had the HIV virus for a long time but still develop AIDS. Are not. This means that not every HIV positive patient is an AIDS patient, but every AIDS patient is definitely HIV positive.

Can the HIV virus be transmitter from one person to another?
1: Since it is a virus, it can spread from person to person like a normal virus
2: This virus can be transmitter from one person to another through the exchange of different body substances
3: It can be transmitted through sexual intercourse from one person to another
4: Can be transmitter by sharing an infect patient’s use syringe
5: Can be transmitter from mother to newborn during pregnancy

Symptoms of HIV
If HIV enters the body, symptoms of the flu and common cold may occur after two to three weeks. After that, some people’s immune system puts the virus in a dormant state for some time. The period may vary from person to person and in some persons it may be ten to fifteen years. During this time, the virus will be silently present in the body, but its symptoms will not appear.

How to diagnose HIV
When the HIV virus enters the body, the body naturally makes antibodies against it. This antibody can be teste through blood and saliva, which then determines whether the virus is present in the body.

AIDS diagnosis
AIDS, which appears in the late stages of HIV infection, occurs after the body’s immune system is destroy after HIV wakes up from its dormant state, causing the body’s CD4 levels to decrease. Cells called immune cells begin to decline rapidly.

In a normal person, these cells can be between 500 and 1200, while in stage 3 of HIV, these cells are reduce to only 200. The presence of AIDS can be diagnose through a medical test.

Treatment and life expectancy
If the body reaches stage 3 of HIV, the chances of survival are negligible, because in this condition the body’s immune system has been badly affect, but through drugs, this life can be shorten to some extent. can be expand and its quality improved so that AIDS patients can live their normal lives with the disease.

AIDS is not a disease that can be transmitter only by touch, so take care of the patient instead of hating him.


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