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Depression, anxiety

4 Magical Foods That Can Prevent Blood Clotting
Intolerance, anxiety, depression, anxiety and what? Today’s man is surrounded by such hardships. These days unhealthy diet and lifestyle makes it difficult to live a healthy life. It would not be wrong to blame food habits as poor foods are widely available in the name of quality food.

1 Unhealthy foods cause blood clots.
These unhealthy eating habits are leading us to many diseases. Some diseases are like silent killers. These include cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and blood diseases that really act like sweet poison in the body. They are not diagnosed at the right time and later it becomes a serious condition.

2 What is a blood clot?
A blood clot is a disease that occurs within seconds and the blood becomes thick and stops the entire system of the body. A diet rich in oil and cholesterol is a major reason for this. Again with food we can cure it. Here are some useful foods that can thin our blood.

1 Using ginger to prevent blood clotting
Consuming ginger in daily food provides numerous benefits. Some people like to eat ginger raw because of its taste. It is a wonderful way to thin the blood and calm the heart. It also increases blood circulation and thus can prevent blood clotting. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in improving digestion in the body.

Vegetables including spinach

2 Use of green vegetables to prevent blood clotting
Green vegetables including spinach, peas and celery are great options for blood thinning. They also help the blood to flow properly. Using celery in detox water also increases red blood cells. An adequate amount of red blood cells can protect the body from many diseases that can lead to death due to an imbalance in platelets.

3 Using cinnamon to prevent blood clotting
Cinnamon is famous not only for its aroma but also for its magical properties. It helps reduce blood pressure and inflammatory conditions. Obviously, its excessive consumption can also damage the liver, but the benefits of cinnamon cannot be denied in this way. Use in moderation as advised by a nutritionist.

4 Use of spices and herbs to prevent blood clotting
Spices are very good at reducing blood clotting and thus prevent blood clotting in the body. But you should make sure that you are not using too many spices as it can cause stomach upset. Moreover, it is also harmful for those who are allergic to spices.

There are many natural ingredients that can reduce blood clotting to some extent. But natural remedies can be just as effective in thinning the blood, but people who are prone to blood clots should use them under the advice of a doctor.

People taking prescription blood thinners should not use natural remedies without first talking to their doctor. Although they are natural, some substances and foods can thin the blood too much, especially when people take them in combination with medications. This can increase the risk of bleeding. Ramadan


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