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Korean Drama: Best Korean Dramas You Would Regret Watching

Today, we are going to explore the side of entertainment. Here, we are going to introduce the list of the best Korean dramas, you must watch. In 2021, there are many drama series on air on Korean TV, you can choose anyone. But here are some, we are recommending for you. All of these recommended dramas are best to watch in your free time. Of course, we are saying to skip your work just to watch these dramas but in your free time. A great source of free Korean drama will also be explored in this article.

Here is the list of the best Korean Dramas.

  • Hotel Del Luna
  • A Tale of Nine-Tailed Fox
  • True Beauty

Hotel Del Luna

A fantasy Genre Drama starring your favourite actress IU. Additionally, This drama is one of the best due to its visual and iconic background. Furthermore, the plot of this series is all about the ” Moon Hotel” which only entertain the ghost but need a human for management in the human world. You can access this drama on Netflix, but if you are like me and wanted a free option. Then, you can watch this Korean drama on Dramacool.

A Tale of Nine-Tailed Fox

Here is the handsome actor of Korea, irrespective of his age, Lee Dong Wook. You must watch his looks and way of delivering dialogue. Of course, the script of this Korean drama series wound around a girl who lost her parents in an accident. Somehow, This girl is leading towards the male lead and twists make the story more spicy and hot.

True Beauty

If you are a fan of romantic comedies of Korean drama, This is for you! For sure, this drama is full of humour and comedy but also deliver a thought-provoking message. The female lead is ugly but she takes the courage to step out with the help of makeup. In school, she got famous but the main lead, Cha Eun Woo, knew her secret. See how they started to form a relationship outside their school.

Watch any drama-free at Dramacool. The link is posted above.

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