Orissa and Hang plants:


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Orissa and Hang plants:

Orissa and Hang plants, Nature has healed the flowering plants and there is no change in their nutrition. This month is the month of flowering in the world. The atmosphere is fragrant with the tail of these flowers. Nude trees are covere with fresh green cover. We are mentioning some of these plants which look beautiful. In the gardens but their nutrition and healing is also recognize by the world.


This plant is also known as Bansa. It is widely grow in Pakistan. Nurseries in Karachi have fenced it. The leaves of this plant are similar to mango. But it is softer and more delicate than mango leaves. The leaves and bark taste bitter, but the lower part of the flower is slightly sweet.

Honey bees collect honey by sucking the same sweetness. Its branches grow from the root to the top. Or Bansa cleans the lungs by expelling mucus. It eliminates germs and removes putrefaction. It is especially useful in diseases like whooping cough and tuberculosis.


Hang has been use as a spice in our homes for centuries. It is a dry gum that comes from the plant and belongs to the carrot family. This plant is in the form of a large herb. When flowers and fruits appear on the plant, it disappears.


At the beginning of summer season, the roots of the plant are covere. With leaves by making a hole at the bottom so that it is not expose to direct sunlight. After 40 days this part of the root is pulp and its juice is filled in small cups. Gradually this juice dries and hardens then it is use in different foods.

5 types of hang:

There are two types of Iranian hang calle Iranian juice and Iranian Khadir. There are many types of hang hung imported from Afghanistan. Such as Galmin, Yazamin, Kandahari, Shanbandi etc.

Hang has a special kind of smell which is very unpleasant to many people. Some people know that if you make a small bundle of hang and wrap it in a string and put it around your neck, diseases will run away from it.

According to a belief, hang A person who eats for a long time achieves success in life. Regardless of the above mentioned beliefs. It should be use as a unique spice. Of course, it also has therapeutic properties. It strengthens the respiratory system and nerves. A type of hang. Hungra is use as a tincture in Europe.


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