Choosing colors for the home


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Choosing colors for the home

Choosing colors for the home, Who doesn’t like color? Colors are life and colors are aesthetics. When it comes to home colors and varnishes, interior designers choose some colors for each year that will be the interior design of homes in the new year. For this year, interior design experts have chosen a combination of natural, light, open, matte and evergreen basic colors, reflecting this year’s new trends and people’s changing tastes and aesthetic sense. Can meet

Light blue:

Light blue is also called “sky color”. According to interior designers, the traditional and genuine blue is an everlasting and always favorite color because of its simplicity and splendor.

This color has the potential to provide a reliable and durable foundation. This color has a cool feeling inside.

Dark blue:

Represents the color of the sky in the morning, which gives a feeling of peace and contentment. In today’s fast paced life, people look for colors that reflect honesty and a sense of security. And there is no better color than dark blue.

Organic green:

Interior designers have called nature’s greenest shade organic green, the color of the year. Seeing this color in the house gives a new feeling of freshness, because we want to connect with nature from within. “It’s our nature to look at the new decade,” says the interior designer.

We can easily say that this is nature’s favorite color. This color is not just for your kitchen. It also gives new life to man. Wherever this color is used, the place suddenly begins to feel airy and open.

One of the reasons for choosing organic green for New Year’s colors is that people are increasingly bringing ‘outdoor’ features into the home and nature is better than indoor green. Can’t bring color.

Light purple:

Experts say that this color calms the environment and improves sleep, while it is also considere a ‘color of hope’. It will also try to change lives. This change is due to the escape from technology and the adoption of simplicity, which is why experts choose light purple, which brings us closer to the elements.


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