Marilyn Monroe: The Women Who Were Bad and Sad. ParT ( I )


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Marilyn Monroe – Unfortunate Women

Marilyn Monroe: The Women Who Were Bad and Sad.

Many celebrities are interviewed and aske who they would choose if they were given a choice between wealth honor and fame. Most people’s answers cover honor and fame. Wealth is seldom mentione. Probably because the desire for wealth is considere morally and socially flawed.

The Hollywood movie world is a place where successful people get these three things without asking. Immeasurable wealth, worldwide fame and respect in some circles. Every person associated with Hollywood who excels in his field has access to fame, fortune and honor. People associated with this world can be considere truly famous.

And there are some of them who are famous among the famous people, that is, whose fame and popularity spread all over the world, crossing the boundaries of time and place, and even after their death, this trend continues to this day.

Marilyn Monroe is also an actress who passed away more than forty years ago but her fame is growing instead of diminishing. What is the reason for this everlasting fame of Marilyn Monroe? Maybe her immense beauty, maybe her unique style, maybe her popular movies or maybe her bitter life and tragic death.

Marilyn Monroe’s life:

Marilyn Monroe’s life from beginning to end is a unique combination of color and bitterness that leaves no stone unturned. When she was born, she was denied the right to use her father’s name because she had been abused by her mother. born She was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926 and was named Normagin Martinson.

Martinson was the nickname of his father, Edward, but since he was an illegitimate child, his name was later change to Norma Jane Baker because his mother’s nickname was Baker. Marilyn spent the early part of her life in a world of extreme hardship and hardship. The matter did not end there.

At the age of eight, he was sexually assaulte by a sexual fanatic and tortured at that critical age. Shortly afterwards, her mother suffered a nervous breakdown, lost her sanity, and was sent to a lunatic asylum. Marilyn Monroe then spent a short time in adoptive families and orphanages under a court order for helpless children.


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