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Before the start of the new edition of IPL

Before the start of the new edition of IPL. A massive corruption scandal came to light Coaches. And officials defrauded cricketers of lakhs of rupees by promising them a place in IPL or Ranji team:

Ex-anti-corruption chief Neeraj Kumar
The Indian Premier League (IPL), considered the world’s biggest and most profitable cricket league. Has been rocked by a shocking revelation of cheating. India’s former anti-corruption chief Neeraj Kumar has revealed how officials defrauded cricketers of lakhs of rupees in the name of getting a place in the IPL.

Neeraj Kumar has written in his new book ‘A Coup in Cricket‘ that such incidents are common and often at a low level. The former anti-corruption chief added that during his three-year tenure (2015-2018). In other words, cricket was just a drop in the ocean of corruption. Neeraj added that he was appalled at the extent to which some coaches. And officials would go to exploit young and aspiring cricketers.

He added that I have seen cases where coaches and officials have promised. Young cricketers a place in the IPL team for a huge amount of money. Kumar’s revelations have sent shock waves through the cricket community. With many former players and officials calling for a full investigation into the matter. Former Indian captain Kapil Dev said it is a sad day for cricket. Therefore; IPL is a prestigious tournament, and for it to be taint by such cheating activities is extremely disappointing.



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