Healthy Food: One day Healthy Food Ideas


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Hello Guys, Healthy food and healthy choices are always beneficial for the human body, No doubt! So being healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself. For being healthy you need to eat every single thing that is healthy and clean. The cleanse diet we have discussed so here we will accumulate the one-day healthy food options. So, that you can choose among many things and can have all the things healthy and clean. Being a college student, I feel it really bothering to cook for myself but I do due to the healthy lifestyle I always want in my life. So, for something to achieve you need to sacrifice something.

Healthy Food Options

  • Pancakes: the first essential healthy good is pancakes without sugar but topping with honey. You can have them for your breakfast. They are healthy and nutritious and keep your filling all the time. Here are 50 healthy breakfast recipes, you can cook.
  • Oatmeal: the proven healthy food and weight-loss food, oatmeal is one of the best alternatives for your having and nice breakfast. It keeps boosting your metabolism and keeps you active and healthy.
  • Smoothies: For lunch or evening snacks, it’s bothersome as all the options are quite unhealthy and bizarre. Well, here you need the seasonal fruits and mix well in the mixer and add a pinch of brown sugar or honey for your choice and there is your healthy food ready for you.
  • Transparent noodles, if you are a spicy person like me, you always find some spicy options in your healthy food too. As noodles aren’t healthy but the glass noodles or transparent noodles are extremely low in calories and the healthiest option. So, you can have this for your lunch and dinner.

There are many things, you can cook for yourself during the period of healthy eating. we keep updating the recipes for you. Stay tuned for more recipes and food.



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