Kajal eye make-up


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Kajal eye make-up

Kajal eye make-up Sometimes the eyes are like lakes, sometimes the eyes are full of gazelle, sometimes they are shining like stars, sometimes they are peeping through the windows, thousands of poems about these eyes are memorize by people. One of the secrets of this beauty is to make them beautiful. This eye makeup is available in the form of mascara and mascara. It is said that this practice starte in Egypt. However, Arab and Asian women have been wearing simple makeup for centuries.
This was the eye makeup use in those days.
Nowadays, eye shadows have been introduced in new colors and shades and not only this, there are hundreds of styles of eye make-up. Different styles of applying kajal are discusse today. Try it and see what suits you. does!

Egyptian style

This style is as popular today as it was in the past.

Women who want to look unique apply mascara in the Egyptian style. Let’s see how this style is made.
Apply a metallic shade on the eyelids from the eyelids to the brow bone.
Now draw an equally deep line on the lower part of the eye.Start the line from the inner corner of the eye and end it at the outer corner of the eye.

Extend the mascara slightly towards the outer corner so that it meets the upper lash line and forms a border around the eyes. That’s the classic Egyptian style. Now there’s no reason why you can’t look unique in the party.
Lower Lash Style

In this style, mascara is applie only to the lower part of the eye and the eyelids are left bare.
This flamboyant style is adopte when you don’t want to wear heavy makeup.
Wing And Double Wing

The first-mentioned style is also popular these days. To adopt it, the mascara line applied above the eyes has to be slightly raise and made like the wing of a flying bird. For the double wing style, in the upper part of the eyes. A beautiful wing is create and then the lower level i.e. below the eyelids, the mascara is applie in such a way that another wing is forme.  Double wing style can be a suitable choice for events. .


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