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Gray Blood Roses Women’s Clothing

Gray Blood Roses Women’s Clothing ( ParT II )

Gray Blood Roses Women’s Clothing. These days the whole country is in the grip of severe cold. Somewhere the snowfall is hiding every scene like a stain, some where heavy rain and some light drizzle is filling the atmosphere with happiness. However, when the blue sky is dominate by clouds, the gray evenings are in full swing, decorating is a pleasure in itself.

Leather shoes:

Leather boots are perfect for winters. Pointed toe shoes and coat shoes are more popular these days. Black and brown as well as children’s shoes with different designs in colors have become a part of fashion now. this winter. If you wear red and white shoes, your feet will be fashion forward. According to fashion experts, blue shoes will be the most fashionable for the coming year.

Cape shawl:

Often women choose heavy shawls for office or university which becomes a problem for them as heavy shawls become difficult to carry outside. Since most women use public transport, they need to be careful. So women going to offices and educational institutions should choose a light and short shawl with a bright colored cap because the cold does not affect your body much because of the bright color. And this dust is not even dirty every day because of the soil.
A cape shawl is also easy to handle.

Rain coats:

It is a knee-length coat worn with a belt around the waist. This stylish coat was worn by fashion icon Audrey in Europe years ago and made it a winter staple. If you are traveling then you must carry a trench coat with you, whether you wear a trouser kurti or a simple shalwar kameez or saree, this coat goes well with every outfit.

A coat of feathers:

It looks good when matched with the rest of the outfit, i.e. worn with pants, trousers and high heels. Women should not wear fur coats.
P. Kot
It is mostly made in navy blue color and also has waist length.
It is usually accompanied by wooden buttons. Plastic buttons are in fashion these days. If you want, you can sew a pea coat in light khaki or maroon color. And those who see it as a jacket or coat will not be impressed and you will feel confident about your personality.

Cape coat:
These are very popular these days.

Plain cotton, silk, khadar, cloth in which these are not manufacture. Women designers have also embroidered zardozi, mukesh and silk thread on their edges. Even if it is sewn on men’s clothes, it can be used in all kinds of clothes. It will suit the outfit. Try. An inverted cape is also becoming popular in this type of stylish coat. They are sleeveless.

You will also get to see the innovation of Pakistani designers as they have introduced mesh material, crochet and jamawar inner lining to the market. Undoubtedly, they are getting great response. Special clothing isn’t just sweaters and cardigans. Weed clothing includes overcoats and wrap coats as well as many other stylish coats.



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