Basics of glowing skin


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Basics of glowing skin:

Basics of glowing skin: The upper layer of the skin has two parts, one is calle the Epidermis and the other is calle the Dermis. They are very fine in structure. Generally.

The function of the skin is to protect the body from external elements and to moderate the temperature of the body, and that is all it does. It is an important task.

Depending on the weather, many changes are happening on the skin, so the epidermis, which is made of a special type of protein called keratin, protects the skin not only from cold, heat and dryness, but also from external germs.

The function of the layer below it, the Dermis, is to create new cells that continue to grow upwards under an automatic system. Because by the time they reach the upper level, these cells are old, so they fall off and new cells are born in their place. are

This process is calle Keratinization. This process continues on the skin of the whole body. The layer of the soles of the feet and its cells are thickene, which are in the form of peels, they also come into notice.

Cleane with a soft brush:

The feet are cleane with a soft brush or a nylon sieve. In the same way, the process of formation of flakes continues in the head, which is absolutely normal, that’s why we wash the hair.

If these flakes continue to accumulate layer by layer. So it can cause dryness and eczema and if this dryness starts to form in excess, it can cause redness. And itching on the neck, shoulders, chest and often on the face.

Why is cleansing done?

If the dead or old cells are periodically remove from the face.

How to scrub?

This is the basic principle of skin rejuvenation on which the edifice of cosmetics is built.

The use of ubtan is very useful for brightening the face, but since it contains turmeric. Its use should be abandone for a short period of time, otherwise the complexion will continue to look pale.

Also, some scrubs contain oily ingredients, which are not exactly suitable for oily, acne-prone skin. There are also foreign scrubs available in the market that contain fine granules in an oily solution.

which can also cause scratches on the skin of the face. Therefore, in their selection. Whether these pimples are smooth surface and fine or not. Scrubbing once a week is enough.


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