Top 5 Chinese Dramas Worth Watching in 2021


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The love for Chinese dramas has increased dramatically, since the last decade. The reason for such immense interest from all people is their awesome screenplay and interesting chemistry. Additionally, the cute scenes between the main leads set these dramas on fire. One of the best choices among Asian dramas is PRC dramas. One thing, we all observe in C-dramas is the well-packaged love and hard work of the female lead. Additionally, the beauty standards of the Chinese drama industry also inspire us. Let’s go to find the Top 5 Chinese dramas for your vacation watch list.

Intense Love

One of the most loved dramas of romantic fantasy. With a rating of 8.5/10, for sure win your heart. The screenplay is between a perfectionist doctor Zhou Shi Yun and a cheesy actress Su Jin Bei. Chemistry is wonderful in comedy and romantic version. yet this drama is a bit different from usual. As the female lead take initiative towards our genius Zhou Shi Yun. Who is indifferent about girls flying around him like bees. Watch it now for free!

Love 020

The only drama until now in Chinese industry without any misunderstanding and separation. Furthermore, the male lead Xiao Nai will catch your heart in his excellence in acting and beauty. The drama introduces the story of the Gaming company president, basketball player and top-notch student Xiao Nai. Who comes across the computer sciences’ department beauty Bei Wei Wei. He fell for her at the very sight. Not only her looks attracted him but also her mastery of an online game. Watch it now, to know either Xiao Nai successful in adoring Bei Wei Wei heart or not?

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling

The best drama of Rosy Zhao with a rating of 8.2/10. Plot twists around how Gu An Xin ( female lead) bring the Ling Yue (male lead) into her apartment after an accident. At very first, the boys seem to an idiot but slowly he turned to be the genius CEO of an e-commerce company New Way. See how dramatically they fell for each other while Ling Yue’s childhood sweetheart pester them. Drama is on air in China now-e-days. You can Watch it here.

Well Intended Love

If you have an investigative mind. This romantic melody is for you. The story runs around the 3rd-class actress who got married to an indifferent rich person for the sack of her leukaemia treatment. There is much more mystery than you think, that would catch your attention. The biggest twist in episode 11 will drop your jaws. You can find this drama on Netflix and youtube with a 7.6/10 rating.

Ugly Beauty

Really interesting drama about the twins who are keeping a dark secret in showbiz industry. They swipe and trying to make the positions perfect. Although their personalities are entirely different things continued to happen. Xiao Mu take on the venture to swipe her bold elder sister and enter into showbiz but an entertainment reporter Chen Mo started suspiciously about her imperfections who become her assistant just to get some mega news. See how he will choose to report her fakeness or protecting his love for her.

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