Rainy season is the season of problems.


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Rainy season is the season of problems.

Everyone likes the beautiful rainy season, the sun playing with the clouds, sometimes sun, sometimes shadows. The scattering of rainbow colors on the horizon, sometimes soft drops smelling the soil, sometimes heavy rain day and night.

Sometimes thunder of clouds and sometimes lightning. How beautiful, pleasant and pleasant is the rainy season when everything looks bright and green and cools the eyes.

But this season is also called the season of problems because in this season skin problems, hair problems bother women, so in this article we will talk about the skin and hair problems of women according to the season. And will also tell their solution.

Rainy season is loved by women but there are some problems that affect them but they pay more attention to keep themselves fresh and cool.

One of the biggest skin problems during rainy days is fungal infection, which usually attacks wet skin. Moist skin is softened by being wet or constantly wet, making it an easy target for fungus.

If the skin starts to dry during rainy days, before going to bed at night, apply a mixture of rose water and glycerin on the face or you can also make a paste of almonds and honey and leave it on the face for twenty minutes.

This will soften the facial skin. Oily skin is more affected during rainy season. Using a water-based moisturizer is recommended. Wash your face three times a day. Mix besan with rose water or milk and apply on the face.

Put it on. It will also cleanse your skin and remove excess oil. If the skin feels sticky, apply one tablespoon of sandalwood powder mixed with rose water.

To moisturize dry skin, mix 2 teaspoons of rose water, four drops of strawberry oil and four drops of orange essential oil. Apply it on face, hands and feet and wash off after 15 minutes and watch the miracle.

“Your skin will glow. Crush a cucumber and mix it with sandalwood powder and apply it all over your body. It will make your skin fresh and fragrant.

” Excessive humidity is the biggest enemy of hair during rainy season. When you stay indoors all day, it also affects your hair. Your hair becomes tangled or dull. It depends on your hair type.

Fine and coarse hair become dull, while wavy and curly hair becomes tangled. are The best solution is to use a styling gel to style the hair. This gel forms a thin layer over the hair that protects the hair from moisture. For added protection.

You can use hair spray for this. After getting soaked in the rain, there’s nothing better than a nice shower.

On rainy and humid days, don’t try to force your hair into a style that doesn’t look right on you. For example, don’t straighten hair if it’s curly, and curl it if it’s straight. do not.

This is because if the hair absorbs even a small amount of moisture, the hair will return to its natural state and your efforts will be in vain.

Instead, leave the hair in its natural state and adopt a hairstyle that suits you. For thin and straight hair, pull the hair back into a ponytail or set the hair in a bun.  Because there is excess moisture in the air during rain. So hair needs extra or more attention in this season.

Constant sweating on the scalp leads to itching, discomfort and hair loss. Also, do not do any chemical treatment on your hair during this season. For example, hair coloring, curling or straightening of curly hair.

Do not iron the hair at all as it constantly blows hot air into the hair which makes the hair weak and brittle and split. The best way to get rid of excess oil in hair is to use henna.


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