Why was PTI leaders and workers tortured on May 25?

Why was PTI leaders and workers tortured on May 25?

Why was PTI leaders and workers tortured on May 25?

IG Punjab has asked for a report on the use of tear gas and torture. Did the police have warrants during. The raids in Azadi March?

The bureaucracy in the new Punjab government of Tehreek-e-Insaf and the allied party Muslim League-Q has started showing signs of violence. On May 25, PTI’s long march called for a report on the violence and use of tear gas by leaders and workers.

IG Punjab has written a letter to the RPOs of various districts including CCPO Lahore regarding the roundup and use of tear gas. In the letter, it has been asked that the report of the registered cases of terrorism against the leaders and workers of PTI should be sent.

IG Punjab has asked for reports from RPOs of other districts including CCPO Lahore.

And the RPOs of all districts including CCPO Lahore have been ordere to send reports. Police were use in Lahore, Sheikhupura, Attock and Hasan Abdal.

In the letter, it was directe that the police officers. Of the concerned districts should send the report to the IG office. In the post of IG Punjab, it was said why Yasmin Rashid. Rashid Khanum and Senator Ejaz Chaudhry were torture.

Lahore Police should send a separate report. It should be note that yesterday Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Murad Saeed. Said that on May 25 action against those who shilling patriotic Pakistanis should be starte.

The Punjab government should withdraw the fake FIR under the constitution and law. Action should be take according to the law against those. Who filed fake FIRs, who are the people making the cases of sedition. And terrorism against the patriots, who were the faces who were doing all this to complete the regime change.


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