Why Do We Now Perform Qurbani?

What is Qurbani?
Life Story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

Why Do We Now Perform Qurbani part? Every year, Muslims all around the world perform Qurbani to remember Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) martyrdom. To honour his utter devotion to Allah (SWT), and seek closeness with Allah (SWT).

Why Do We Now Perform Qurbani?

Following Hajj, Qurbani must be done during the Eid ul-Adha holidays in Dhul Hijjah. The Islamic calendar’s last month. It entails slaughtering a livestock animal and then dividing the meat into three equal portions. One for the Qurbani performer, one for their family and friends, and a third for the impoverished. Qurbani is an obligatory act for each and Muslim. Albeit the head of the home may do so on behalf of all members of the household.

Performing Qurbani allows us to remember the sacrifices made by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Ismael (AS) on Mount Arafat all those years ago, encouraging us to learn from their selfless deed and apply it to our own lives.

We must always remember to follow Allah’s (SWT) commands without inquiry. We must always submit to Him and remember the Five Pillars of Islam in our daily lives, reciting the Shahadah, offering Salat, paying Zakat, practising Sawm, and performing Hajj, as well as all other acts of kindness, charity, and compassion we perform in Allah’s name (SWT).