Why are we heading?

heading depression

Every human’s elixir is technology, as it keeps the world moving. Technology, in general and mobile phones in particular, are a vital part of life which is critical and crucial to a person’s daily activities.

Without hesitation, the mobile phone has made our lives easier, faster, and much more
reliable, but on a larger scale, it has become something we all are addicted to, a tainted aspect of our lives that ruins our personal and professional relationships.

Mobile Phones

Throughout the 21st century, browsing or chatting in a cell phone at a gathering has become a trend. However, this new trend is removing us from members of our real family and society, and dislocating us from our surroundings. Despite what may seem to be a new idea, we are actually prisoners of our own smartphones.

In Albert Einstein words, “there will be a time when technology will surpass the human interaction. Then the world will be filled with idiots.” And with no doubt, that time has come. Humans are consumed by their phones, no matter where they are, whether they are at a coffee shop, a business meeting, or a beach party.

Listening to news and reading newspapers has become a dreaded chore, these days. The news is filled with shocking incidents of terrible and devastating accidents on the road. What caused the tragedy? It is the ADDICTION of using phones! which is really disturbing. And the tragedies clearly show how addicted humans are to the mobile phones while driving and crossing roads.

Essentially, the only way to solve this major problem is for people to look at the great
opportunities in life. The opportunities that can help them to stop being addicted. Make the most of the time you spend with your friends and family by enjoying the natural gifts that have been overlooked lately.
However, mobile phones have already replaced calendars and alarm clocks. Have you ever considered replacing the people you love?