What is Social Media Marketing

what is social media marketing

The phrase “social media” refers to websites and programmers that make it easier for users to create and share content. However, Initially, social media was mostly used to keep in touch with family, reconnect with old acquaintances, meet new people, and participate in online groups. Users populated their profiles with information about their lives, places, careers, likes, and dislikes due to the personal character of social media in its original form. As social media became more widespread, its purpose began to alter and twist.

However, Brands began to take notice of social media’s potential to alter the marketing environment. In order to establish deeper ties with their customers, corporations dipped their toes into social media and built accounts that customers could “friend.” In 2008, MySpace polled their users and discovered that 14% of them thought brands were more pleasant and creative on social networking 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of using social media to locate and interact with your audience, establish your brand, and drive income. Therefore, Brands must generate original content customised to their audience’s requirements and interests. This would track the engagement rates of that material using analytics, and use this data to improve consistency in order to thrive at social media marketing.

Brands employed social media marketing to bring visitors to a company’s website in the hopes of selling a product or service in its early days.

On social media, branded material can take two forms:

1. Organic material

To make the most of organic content, brands should create a brand profile page with a profile picture, cover image, description, business hours, and links to your website, among other things; company updates in the form of text, photos, videos, or gifs; a branded group or community page; live-video content; and more using the free tools and resources available on their chosen platforms.

Organic content’s reach is determined by social media algorithms. Those algorithms arrange items in users’ feeds based on relevance and publishing time. Algorithms determine whether a person is likely to want to read your material.

2. Content that is paid for

Paid social media channels can assist fast boost your organic content traffic through down-the-funnel ad campaigns. Many social media marketers have seen how algorithms affect their reach. Despite having tens of thousands of followers, organic posting can frequently appear to fall short of expectations. Paid social advertising, sometimes known as “sponsored” material on a user’s feed. Those ads can help you expand your reach and distribute your content to a larger audience. Brands that grasp social media marketing employ a strategy that includes both organic and paid content.