Vauxhall New Mokka SUV 2021 Rated and Reviewed | Detailed Review

Vauxhall New Mokka SUV 2021 Rated and Reviewed
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Vauxhall is a UK based automobile company, founded in 1857 as Alex Wilson Company. Vauxhall’s models of automobiles are identical to Opal while Vauxhall will be seen only on the British roads. Vauxhall owns a brand under the name of Bedford Vehicles, it sells trucks, passenger vehicles and vans, Vauxhall is one of the oldest brands established in the UK. It used to be a brand of Luxury cars until it was owned by General motors Coming date, the major change is done by Vauxhall, it stopped the production of model X from June 2020, Now the futuristic approach of Vauxhall is the New Mokka SUV which is a prime production from Vauxhall Company due to its innovative design and creative establishment of an electric power strain into Mokka history

. New Mokka SUV is a little shorter than Mokka X but its interior and exterior is heaven. It would be a “Prime Game changer” as inserted by the Vauxhall company. The key features of the New Mokka SUV are its neat and very minimal interior and sleek and stylish exterior, it is reviewed as a good deal as a whole.

Vauxhall New Mokka SUV: Features




The Exterior of the New Mokka SUV has the 16 inches alloy with 7 inches touchscreen pad infotainment system supporting AndroidAuto and Apple car play. The glare-free LED headlights with beautiful style make it stand on its own version. Vauxhall New Mokka would be able to support petrol and diesel and electric power after its release in April 2021. The New Mokka SUV is a little compressed than Mokka X with its 17 inches alloy wheels making the parking easiest but it gives more space for passengers to sit in for about 10 mm.

It gives a presentable look with its contrasting bonnet colour up-to roof and camera in place of door mirrors. It somehow gives a unique look with its packed and cuppy exterior. The rear of the New Mokka SUV has a great impact on the GT X experiment. The New signature addition in this vehicle has increased its grace and overall outlook, it granted a new dimension to the Vehicle with its integrated headlights, grille and New Mokka badge. By looking at its sleek and dramatic exterior, you would be on the view of this car as: “A technically different version of SUV!”



The interior of New Mokka has a lot of evolution which marked its place in the market more than its competitors’ brands. New Mokka supports 7 inches touch screen with 12 inches dial display.  Integrated voice control combined with Vauxhall services connected with navigation and emergency services. The wired gear changing system in addition to electric parking brakes make parking an easier process, New Mokka SUV is hooped in the market with its distinctive features like a comfortable and cosy interior with wide spacing for moderately taller persons to gladly fit in make it a car of approach and appraisal.

In the New Mokka SUV, the screen displays are landscaped from the rear of the steering wheel to the middle of the dashboard which gives uniqueness to this model, in reality, it is a combined effect of two separate screens one shows the needs of instrumentations and the other one is reserved for touch screen functionality. New Mokka introduced distance cruise control with lane departure assistance. The six-way driver and front passenger’s seat adjustments make the journey easier and according to comfort and desire. With all these features and lack of cluttering button tension, it is a driving focused vehicle.

Trunk Capacity


If we are concerned about cars and automobiles, after looks we come up with its boot capacity. Furthermore, if you’re planning to buy New Mokka SUV, you will have a wider life space in your vehicle but as compared to Mokka X, it is a little shorter for about 6 litres. Moreover, we see over all the aspects, looks and features of New Mokka, you can compromise of only about 6 litres as New Mokka happily agreed to give a boot space of 350 litres for your baggage and other stuff. The compressive style of New Mokka has licked its 6 litres extra space comparing to Mokka X but instead, it is far good than Mokka X in all other features.

Driving and Handling


Vauxhall Mokka is a quick vehicle in driving too as far its design is trim and kinky. If we talk about its electric version it provides 260Nm torque at the instant you click the pedal. It gives instant energy to the vehicle as you click the pedal. Through the Regenerative Braking System, back up almost maximum energy from the braking system back to the battery. With the help of different driving modes like Sport, Eco and normal you can run this vehicle according to your mood and wish and it gives a completely new orientation to SUV driving. It creates an awesome balance between its excellence and equilibrium. With a Driving panel in front of you, you are aware of everything related to your vehicle, its fuel quantity and consumption, and forward collision alert for a safer and smoother ride.

Also, with the addition of a door camera, parking even at complex spots would be an easier process to happen, everything is getting easier with New Mokka. The benefits of New Mokka doesn’t stop here, it gives good news to its aspirants that the charging processing is far easier with Mokka because you can charge it at home or even at public charging stations, it offers 80% charging time within thirty minutes only. It contains 150 kWh of battery with an electric motor of 136hp capacity. While talking about petrol and Diesel compatibility with New Mokka, it gives 46.3 to 51.4 mpg with gasoline and 64.2 mpg with diesel.

New Mokka: Safety Features


This is a safer edition for you and your companions. It provides an active adaptive cruise control with automatic emergency city braking. For the safety and security of children in your car, it gives child-proof locks on the rear doors. For a safe journey, it happened to gives us a lot of warning systems. In addition to Driver drowsiness, the forward collision at slow and fast speed and side blind-spot alert are also there. It assists the driver with lane departure and positioning system, it holds 6 airbags for any unconventional situation safety. It gives additional features like Keyless entry and starts. Also, remote-control systemic setup for wheel bolts, central locking and security alarm.

Pricing and Running cost


This Vehicle is an attractive automobile almost the very first time from Vauxhall. It becomes so distinguishable in the market due to its evolutionary modification and additions in New Mokka after Mokka X. Furthermore, the Vauxhall company has denied using “X” with its new model. Coming to point the price range of this piece is far less than its designing style and engine efficiency. The price range of this car is from 30,840 pounds to 34,970 pounds for the electric version. For petrol and diesel-engine cars, New Mokka is giving a start from 20,735 pounds only.

New Mokka: What’s new in 2020?


Vauxhall has officially announced to cease the production of Mokka X in June 2020. But Vauxhall gives the addition of Cosra 2020 into the market. It remained the best car from last 3 years on the black pitchy roads of UK. Viva is also an introduction by the company in 2020. The mega project which will be launched in April 2021 for official selling is New Mokka by Vauxhall. The company has high hopes for this model and wish to make a series on it based on its success rate.

New Mokka: Our Thoughts


Although New Model is 125mm smaller than Version X. It feels more constrained with its shorter front and a wider rear portion. But it almost maintains the same space as provided by edition X. There are a lot of features in New Mokka about its sleekness. The digital driving assistance environment makes this vehical stand ahead of Mokka X. It is a reliable car to buy even with an electric version. Because it is an efficient car with diesel or petrol engine powertrain.

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