US and NATO pulls troops from Afghanistan

US Troops from Afghanistan

Troops from Afghanistan beginning to the end of the “forever war” will reach its final stages on the 11th of September 2021. Therefore, US and NATO have begun pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Who were deployed in the south Asian country for 20 years. In addition,  formal withdrawal of troops will be completed by the 11th of Sep. The move came forward in a deal made last year by the former president of the US “Donald J. Trump” to withdraw troops by May 1st. Also, the agreement that bound the Taliban from attacking international troops is no longer in effect.

Withdrawal Troops

Taliban have been protecting the western military bases from extremist Islamic militant groups. The move came amid escalating violence following which president Joe Biden extended the deadline to the 11th of Sept. US and NATO pulls troops from Afghanistan

Taliban’s spokesperson said this move has opened gateways for “Taliban Fighters” to target and take counter actions in their own capacity. However, the actions and directions of Taliban leadership.

Experts suggest that the US commitment to early withdrawal could have averted the potential of another conflict.  The US president while justifying the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.