US Plans to Share 75% of Covid-19 Vaccine with the World


The US is all set to share the Covid-19 vaccine with the world. The White House shares the plan on Thursday to spread vaccines worldwide. The President of the US shares his plan to give away 75% of excess dosages. Sharing the Covid vaccine doses will support COVAX global vaccine program. The White House also says that it will reserve the remaining 25% of doses. The reserve vaccine doses will be ready for sharing with the allies. The US will share Covid vaccines in case of resurging in a number of cases. Reportedly, the US will be sharing 80 million vaccine doses by the end of June.

Covid-19 Vaccine

25 Million Surplus of Covid-19 Vaccine will be Shared

President of the US shares his stance on sharing vaccines that it doesn’t intend to seek favors. Instead, we are sharing the vaccines to save lives and bringing an end to the pandemic. We will do with our values and the power of example. Mr. Biden also says that the US will continue to work with its democratic partners. We will follow science and coordinate joint efforts including through the G7 union. The US will be sharing the 25 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Countries have petitioned the US for vaccine doses.

Many countries have access already to the Covid-19 vaccine including Canada and Mexico. Also, hard-hit countries like India will also be receiving vaccine doses. There are vaccine dosages set to expire by the end of this month. If there are countries that need vaccines, we should give them first. We don’t want the vaccines going in the trashcan. Says Dr. Amesh Adalja at JH Center of Heath Security. The vaccine demands have dropped in the past months in the US. The plan to share vaccines with the world comes as demand drops. However, there are still challenges in the path for accessibility.