Ukraine-Russia Issue Summary

Russia, Ukraine
Ukraine-Russia Issue Summary, Ukraine- Russian clashes and border issues are not a new phenomenon in global politics but the recent Russian annexation at the Eastern Ukraine border has turned the head of the conflict towards a warring state. According to Ukraine- Russia conflict timeline the cold relationship begin between two rivals in December 2021 when Russia deployed almost 100,000 troops at the Ukraine border. The deployment of such a huge military seemed like a warning call of invasion from Russia. But according to Russian officials’ statements,
Russia doesn’t have any intention to invade the Ukrainian territory. But it has demanded detailed security against NATO forces and Ukrainian Military acts. The United States is trying to resolve the issue as this issue could come as disastrous for the region as well as for global politics. The outcome of the conflict will cost the lives of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples.
Although peace talks broke between Russian and United States officials at Geneva.
Washington denied the demand of Russia regarding security concerns. The hype of the conflict is still the same. But the involvement of global actors is the only hope to resolve the issue through diplomatic talks and International law.
World War Three