Ukraine-Russia Conflict Analysis

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Analysis, According to a famous saying ” Man never learns from the lessons of the history”. Global historical events including all conflicts, wars and hostilities have portrayed the disastrous image of the world clearly. Among those wars and conflicts, world war 1 and world war 2 were marked as the deadliest wars of human history.
Wars and conflicts have always brought bloodshed, destruction, economic loss and scarcity in a respective region where the war begins. Sometimes the warring situation causes an impact on global politics and global actors because of the relationship of interdependence among them.

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Analysis

Therefore, whenever war or conflict takes place between two states. The call for global assistance is always announced by the ruling state actors including the United States, China and other major and impacting powers.
Why do these states come to tackle the situation?
Why do they try their best to resist war majorly between nuclear power states e.g India and Pakistan?
The answer is that these most impacting states of the world try to handle the deteriorated situation by promoting the concept of liberalism. Therefore, the states are known as real democratic states of the world and always support cooperation, peace, stability and economic development around the world. According to them, the liberal approach is the only way to connect the world through Harmony and interdependence.
But the actual question is that why do states fight?
Why do states indulge themselves in a war or conflict?

Why do States Fight

According to the valid facts, human nature is selfish same is the case with global states. States are selfish and they only pursue and prefer their interest that is only the attainment of power.
Attainment of power is the central theme of realism that promotes the autocratic concept, using force for the achievement of power and denies the concept of liberty and freedom.
That is the main reason why States head towards war zone without realizing the dreadful consequences of the warring situation.
According to the rules of global politics, war should be the last option for defensive purposes. International law enactments and peace talks by global mediators should be the first priority to tackle any conflict.
Ukraine – Russia conflict is turning into a war that is an alarming call for global politics. This could definitely shatter the whole world as Russia is the second-largest oil producer of the world. Russia mainly sells crude to European refineries and is the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe and other major states of the world including the USA and China. The statement has already defined the outrageous. Impacts of Russia- the conflict war on the global arena. Conflict would directly hit the demand and supply chain of crude oil which would affect the whole market trade market.

Global Response on Conflict

Although the United States imposed strict sanctions on Russia. And warned about the horrible consequences of the war to tackle the situation.
There is an immediate need to conduct peace talks by highlighting the international law enactments and United Nations articles regarding force, war and sovereignty of the state.
As Russia is openly breaching Articles 2 (4) ” All members shall refrain in their international relations. And from the threat or use of force against the territorial or political independence of any state.
That is all about the territorial rights of the sovereign state.
There is a time to show true democratic spirit by promoting the actual meaning of liberalism that is only cooperation, interdependence and flexibility. Otherwise, the world will again shatter into chunks.