Twitter: How to Start a Twitter Account?

How to start a twitter account

Well, social media has a great impact on our daily lives. So, we need to be aware of what we should do and what we need to do. Through the fastest technology skills, you can opt to work with major companies. But how? Through social media, you can get continuous news about your favourite companies and politicians. Furthermore, if you are incredible in writing and wanted to get published in front of large pollution. There is a lot of social media platform where you can do this. But, Twitter is here for years with its unique individuality and structure. The business tycoons, Politicians, artists and celebrities all are active on Twitter. They continuously post about their next step in politics, pandemic news and industry. So, it is wonderful, if you too have a Twitter account.

Create a Twitter Account

Twitter is the microblogging app and website. You can use it both on the web and on the app. Their app is wonderfully clean from the sponsored ads. You can reach your favourite stuff even by individually turning on your notifications. Well, for sure, you can go for creating your own account and write stuff on Twitter that inspires you.

First of all, either install the Twitter app or click on this link to access the webpage. Secondly, you need to have a google account for creating a Twitter account. You can straightly put your contact information and get connected to your account. You can add your username manually or use the auto-made. Totally up to your choice. Then, verify your account by putting the code or by clicking the link in your Gmail. Now go to your account feed and search for the people or politicians you want to follow. After following their tweets will be in front of your feed. Now enjoy!

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