Top 5 Meanest Cats

Top 5 meanest Cats

Top 5 Meanest CatsEven though many cats are actually very friendly, they have a reputation for being cruel or standoffish. Every cat has its own personality, but their breed can influence how they behave. Some breeds are noted for their friendliness, while others have earned a reputation for being grouchy.

Top 5 Meanest Cats


Despite the fact that the Siamese is a popular cat breed due to its chatty personality and intelligence, it only bonds with one family member. When it comes to this “chosen” individual, the breed is kind and friendly, but it may be cruel to strangers.


This is a one-of-a-kind item. Sphynx can be a difficult partner to live with. The breed thrives on being the centre of attention, which makes them extremely reliant on their owners. They’ll let you know if they don’t get what they want. To get what they want, they may upset you or act out in a negative way.


The Bombay is a lovely black breed that is noted for being a sensitive and attention-seeking companion. Although the breed enjoys being around people and receiving plenty of attention, they are more aggressive and may lash out if they are scared or upset, particularly by loud noises.


The Bengal contains Asian leopard cat blood in its veins, giving it a more vicious streak than other domestic cat breeds. If you want to add a cat to your household, be prepared to deal with its temperament. The breed has a reputation for being demanding and aggressive.

Folded Scottish

The Scottish Fold is well-known for its cute folded ears, but it is also recognised for exclusively interacting with people to obtain what it requires. 

 Pixie Bob

The uniqueness Pixie Bob is a stunning kitty with a lively and playful nature. Although the breed gets along well with its human relatives, strangers may make them suspicious. When interacting with their owner, a Pixie Bob may utilise a range of sounds, including harsh growls.