The secret to steam facial freshness

Rainy season is the season of problems.

The secret to steam facial freshness

Winter is coming. In this season, the skin stays dry and the face looks dull. Therefore, to keep the face fresh, steam bath must be given. It is very useful for the beauty and health of the face.

According to experts, if steam is taken with restriction, it will significantly reduce the amount of grains present on the skin. For women whose skin is rough and dry, steam is an excellent tonic as it enhances their beauty and makes them look attractive.

For women whose skin is very oily, every day Steaming is beneficial, while women with normal skin should take steam once a week. The method is to put water in an open mouth pot and put it on the stove.

When the steam starts to rise, bring the face to the water. Close your moving eyes. Do this until you sweat on your face. If you sweat a lot, wipe your face with a wet towel until it reaches a state of moderation. For this, it is necessary to take it in a closed room.

Also, if you have dry skin on your face and body, oil bath is very useful for you. Olive oil is very good for this purpose. The method of oily bath is to first take a bath in lukewarm water to open the pores of the body.

Then warm the olive oil and massage it on the body and face. This process is very useful in cold weather. The skin will be less stretched and you will look fresh.


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