The matter of Pakistan getting less Test matches, Ramiz Raja Daman left

The matter of Pakistan getting less Test matches,

The matter of Pakistan getting less Test matches, Ramiz Raja Daman left

Work on FTP was going on for 3 years, we had less capacity to fight, will try to convert 2 match series into 3, working paper on leagues will be made: Chairman PCB Chairman PCB has taken issue with Pakistan’s lack of Test matches in the Future Tour programme.

Regarding Pakistan’s only 29 Tests in the new Future Tour program. Ramiz Raja said that the FTP has been being prepare for the last 3 years, the final form has just come out, we had very little room to fight, but I understand.

But what is a 2 test match series should be converte into 3 and we are fighting for that, hopefully there will be some good news. During an interview to a private TV in the UK.

Chairman PCB further said that there was no ICC meeting with such big decisions in Birmingham, the annual meeting was attended by the officials of all associate countries and they expressed their problems.

The big issue was developing a plan to assess the impact on the growing number of leagues and the Future Tour program, which has become a serious problem as FTP shrinks, not only in all countries but now in Associates Members.

are also starting their own leagues which is very challenging. A working paper will be prepare on this, other than that no specific decisions have been take.

When asked about the window of PSL. He said that our league is safe. It is a good successful model and the eyes of the world are on it. The outstanding Pakistani talent is to make this event unique, the leagues are due to local talent.

Moving forward, we will continue to ensure the protection of PSL. On the question of the league being affecte by the 2025 Champions Trophy.

Ramiz Raja said that it is a huge event. And teams and fans from all over the world will come to Pakistan. There are many positive points, let’s hope that next PSL will be in the best days of our season.

15 days can be back and forth due to Ramadan or Champions Trophy and it won’t matter.


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