The latest color of fashion came to the summit

The latest color of fashion

The latest color of fashion came to the summit

Nowadays, the fashion of dyeing hair with different colors is becoming more and more popular with modern make-up. You may dye or want to dye your hair, but before doing so, you must consider your age and the color of your face. Until recently, brown and black hair dye was common, but now innovation is on the rise and now gender is interested in dyeing hair with different colors.

Now Red, Pink, Pure Gold, Wet Bolande, Ash Gold and Moka Hair Dye are in fashion. Be sure to get a protein or keratin treatment before dyeing.

Fresh aloe vera gel can also be applied. Leave it on overnight and wash your hair in the morning. But if you use a hair mask made of synthetic chemicals, wash your hair according to the instructions given, as some masks have 5 minutes in the hair. Should not exceed

Also use Moisture Lock before and after hair dye, to keep hair moisturized and soft.

You can also use a hair mask, which contains vitamin E or aloe vera. Teenage girls should get highlights instead of dyeing their entire hair, because at such a young age, using so many chemicals in the hair can improve the health of the hair. If your hair is already weak, do not dye the whole hair at all.

Just get highlights, it also makes the personality stand out and it looks good on teenage girls.

light hair dyeing

Until recently, Technique Balayage was the most popular fashion, with light hair dyeing on the ends of the hair and the upper part of the hair. It is also important to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals. Choose a standard hair color that is ammonia free and oil-based.

It does not block the hair but retains its moisture. Most women find it a little difficult to choose a hair color.

Apply whatever shade you want to get on the back of the hand before applying it to the hair and match the skin color, if they match your skin then you can use that shade and apply it in your hair.

It will look beautiful. If you have to choose hair dye keeping in mind the fashion trends and weather, first of all keep in mind your color. Women with fair complexion and redness should dye their hair in pure gold and bright shades, however, women with wheatish complexion should choose hair dye only in warm tone.

In addition, ash gold and red shades are also popular. Yes, but these shades only look good on white. Be sure not to wash your hair before coloring, as unwashed hair will do better.

Also, do not brush or comb your hair before coloring. Instead, apply petroleum jelly on the hair outline before coloring. As there is no risk that the color will lose its color if applied to the skin. Always apply the color with the help of a pillow. For this you can also get help from another person in the house.