school education

In 2017, the Education Ministry of UAE has introduced a new licensing system called Teacher License System (TLS). Every individual who wants to work as a school teacher in UAE, has to obtain this license. This makes you eligible for teaching in private as well as government sector. All educators such as principals, vice-principals, managers and teachers across all UAE schools have to hold the teacher’s license to work legally in UAE.

In order to pursue the teaching career in UAE, the applicants have to write two exams via TLS. One exam is Pedagogy which is mandatory to all educators and other exam is subject based test. The applicants have to clear these two exams to finally obtain teaching license in UAE. Along with the tests, a bachelor degree is mandatory in the subject matter for which applicant is applying for. Applicants have to provide more documentations which is necessary nowadays, i.-e; No criminal record or Police background check, an attested degree from foreign and UAE ministry with a clear medical record.

The procedure of application is very simple. TEACHER LICENSING, The applicants have to apply through TLS website. The first step is to register online as the registration process is free of charge. Then follow the instructions to complete the process and book the tests online.
The purpose of the licensing system is to ensure a quality education with best education professionals in the country. The main goal is to provide world class education to individuals by uplifting the standards of education and competing globally.