Strange treatment for toothache


Strange treatment for toothache:

Strange treatment for toothache, Fifteen years ago today, I was living in Karimnagar district of Hyderabad Deccan state. During that time, I started having severe pain in one of my molars. It was felt, but after that the pain continued and at the same time intensified.

Then there would be no peace during the day and no sleep at night, there would be a state of helplessness every moment and every moment. At first, the medical treatment continued, but there was no relief in the pain.

We have only one cure for toothache and that is to get the molar remove. But I did not approve of this, because the doctor’s suggestion was that there should be no bamboo or flute, ie no. There will be no teeth or pain, but I wanted the snake to die and the stick not to be broken, that is, the teeth to be intact and the pain to end.

The owner of the house where we lived advised us that there used to be a herd near the town of Katta Palli. Later he was relieve. Dheer is a low caste of Deccan Hindus, who often live near forests and often treat all kinds of diseases with wild plants and herbs.

We informed this local doctor through the landlord and inquired whether we should come to you for treatment or you will come to the city yourself. He replied that I am so busy in treatment daily that I need more There is no time, so the day after tomorrow you should come to the other side of the river near the palm tree grove when the sun is right.

The forest was spread for miles around this river. There was no paved road to reach the river, yes, of course there was a rough road for bullock carts. I got on the bullock cart and my relatives and I reached the river bank at that place. We had to wait for some time for the doctor, because we got there just before sunrise. Had done


Eventually we saw the doctor coming to the other side of the river. He had no shirt on his body. He was wearing white dhoti in Hindu style. The dhoti used to be divide into two parts, which made it very easy to walk.

The physician also wore a Hindu style turban on his head. He was holding a leafy twig of a plant in one hand. The water of this river had come down in those days. Whose molar is in pain? I stepped forward and said that my molar is in pain. He said sit down. I sat down and opened my mouth and pointed to the right molar and said that it is severe. There is pain.

He spread a white cloth in front of me and told me to cough loudly. At his request I started coughing. It was too late for the leaves to reach my teeth when at that moment a pink worm, whose face and stomach looked black, came out of my mouth trembling and landed on the white cloth lying in front of me.

This doctor urged me to cough loudly again and again, so that if other worms were present in my mouth, they would also fall, but no more worms would fall when I coughed again and again. I have never had a toothache since then. The leaves brought by that native healer were in the shape of 5 digits.

His taste was bitter. I asked him for the name of this address. And how will it be able to fill our hungry stomach? This doctor took some money for this treatment and the laughter went happily in the direction he came from. I still wonder how God knows in this address The attraction was that the worm was immediately drawn. Towards him by its smell.