Stay cool in summer: ( ParT II )

Stay cool in summer

Stay cool in summer: ( ParT II )

Stay cool in summer: Due to which the skin becomes dead and loses its luster and the face becomes rough and causes dark spots. Take special care to clean the skin for the treatment of dark spots.

Massage the face daily for five minutes with cleansing milk and cotton. Its daily use makes the skin clear and transparent. Apart from this, turmeric, lemon and apricot extracts are also useful. Apricot has antiseptic effect on the skin.

It makes the skin transparent. Apart from this, turmeric, lemon and apricot extracts are also useful. Apricot is also important in keeping the skin very moisturized. Grind a spoonful of radish seeds in yogurt and apply a mask.

It is useful for freshness and dark spots. Use of homemade ubattan is also very important to remove dark spots. Grind lentil dal, egg shell and dried malt husks by weight.

Then mix this mixture with a little water and apply it on the face. Very beneficial ubutan. Soak gram dal in milk and keep it for a day or two. When it is dry, grind the dal and apply it like ubutan. Especially useful for shadows.

Carrot mask: To improve smooth skin, after extracting carrot juice and cooling it thoroughly, apply it on the face with the help of a cotton ball and repeat this process about three times every day.

Aromatherapy Facial: Aromatherapy facials are also said to be useful for skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation. Let’s know what aromatherapy is and how it can be done at home.

Benefits of Oils on Skin: Aromatherapy uses a lot of aromatic oils, the oil will be chosen according to each skin type.

Skin Cleansing: This therapy begins with steaming, while the oils added to the water begin to work in the pores of the skin.

Remove dead skin: During the facial, the skin is exfoliate, this removes the dead skin from the body and the skin becomes soft, smooth and shiny.

Relaxation: If the body is tire, an aromatherapy facial will relax the body and mind. Aromatic oils and aromatic products will make you feel refreshed and happy, as well as relieve fatigue.

Can easily be done at home: You can also do this facial at home using a scente oil that suits your skin.

In conclusion; How to do an aromatherapy facial at home?  If the skin is oily, lemon oil, tea tree oil, lemon grass oil, and orange oil are good. If the skin is dry, jasmine, rose or seed wood are good. For normal skin, lavender or chamomile are good.

If the skin is sensitive, nerol oil or vetiver oil is fine.

Facial method:

First of all, dim the lights in your room, mix olive oil and tea tree oil with aloe vera gel on your face and apply it like soap on your face and wash off, steam your face with water and a few drops of fragrant oil in water. Add two drops of fragrant oil to the massage cream and massage your face.

After massaging, wipe off the cream with a wet cloth. Prepare a basic face pack, add curd, honey and sandalwood powder. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to it, wash off the face pack after a few minutes.

Above all; Then apply a homemade toner on the face. The way to make a toner is to mix chamomile oil and geranium oil in the toner. If the skin is oily, add four drops of tea tree oil and six drops of lavender oil. Mix the drops in distilled water.