Simple tips to make kids smarter

Simple tips to make kids smarter

Easy ways to make kids smart

Easy ways to make kids smart, “Your son is not mentally fit for our school.” Thomas Edison’s mother did not have to think long and hard to understand. What had happened to the school administration.

But Edison’s mother did not let the effects of these cruel words pass on to her son.

Mentally handicapped children are considered by school authorities to be among the most important scientists of this century. Remember that the brain development of young children is very fast. At the same time, the attitudes of parents and the people around them help children. To form important mental connections that gradually improve their ability to learn.

For this, it is important for the mother or father to understand, learn. And try to implement some important things in the development of children. Happy relationship Every such relationship has a lasting foundation of trust, love and security in the minds of children.

Positive experiences

By allowing children to experiment freely, their brain neurons make. Their way faster and lead the child to more moderate intelligence.

Favorable and safe environment

One important thing is to provide a safe and conducive environment for children, where they can easily experiment, learn from mistakes and learn new things.

Important period for children’s brains

According to research, the first five to seven years are important for children’s mental development, mental speed and strong foundation of intelligence.

This is the age when children are gathering information from the language processor in most of the information in the mental processor. Is require

Harmful elements in brain development

The most detrimental factor for children’s brains is the environment of chaos where there are no caring people and no proper movement and the effects of such environment are severe and lasting.

The disadvantages of such an environment are as follows. Constant stress can slow down a child’s brain development, especially in the frontal lobe of the child’s brain, which helps people make decisions and cope with stress and understand people.

The brain structure and function of a child who is constantly neglecte and malnourished is clearly different from that of other children. Weak childhood and many beautiful memories were lost.

Knowing all this, the next question is, what can parents do about it? Parents can try to ensure their children’s mental speed through the following steps. Encourage children with positive words. Schedule an individual appointment with the children and talk to them about it.

Give them projects in the form of small tasks, doing. So will increase their decision making ability and problem solving ability.


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