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The dining table rooms in the big houses are also getting bigger. Therefore, there is space for a table with twelve, eight or six chairs. However, small areas and flats can have a table with six or four chairs.

In families where seating on the floor is provided, people still set the table according to Eastern traditions. And literature eats with manners, but that doesn’t mean it. That it is not proper etiquette for the family to eat together by arranging the table in a western way.

What to look for when buying furniture?

Decorators say decorating a dining table is not as important as having a glass or precious cover. Tables and chairs are available in the market from many angles and projections. There are round, oval, square and rectangular tables as well as wooden marble, bamboo (sugarcane) and sophisticated glass tables.

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Never take a rectangular or oval table for a small part, it will take up space. Round table will be better for this room. Also check other room items such as room colors and paints, curtains, if there are two-seater sofa sets or extra chairs, their softness and material.

Why is it important to have a tablecloth?

A wooden table cannot afford mats alone.
It is best to cover such a table with plastic or thick cloth. This cover will prevent the wood from getting dirty. On the other hand, creative mixing on a simple Dining Table decorat will make it beautiful. If the color of the room is light, the color of the fabric of the dining chairs may be darker. So that the color ratio in the room feels attractive. Placing fresh fruit baskets or bowls in the middle of the table can make it attractive.

Or a small vase of fresh flowers. A large vase or a large basket of fruit can be placed on a large table. Some women choose natural leafy plants. Or colored jars and oysters can be kept in crystal jars. It’s a good idea to have a table mat under each fold. Nowadays, many Pakistani brands are making hand loom mats with the help of sophisticated textures.

The chandelier decorates large drawing rooms and dining rooms. You can choose the lamb according to your room. Foot candles are more effective lamps for small rooms. Modern LED pendant light in the dining room. Made in a wooden or bamboo (can) frame may be a good choice. Modern style chandeliers are also available in the market but pendant style is preferred.