PTI’s decision to go to the Islamabad High Court against the Election Commission’s decision

PTI's decision

PTI’s decision:

PTI’s decision to go to the Islamabad High Court against the Election Commission’s decision

Will file an application in two to three days, 2 petitions of contempt. Of court and legal errors in judgment will be file in Islamabad High Court.

Secretary General Tehreek-e-Insaf Asad Umar’s speech Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has decided to approach the Islamabad High Court against the decision of the Election Commission.

According to the details, Secretary General Tehreek-e-Insaf Asad Umar has said that. He will file an application in the Islamabad High Court in two to three days.

will be file on the basis of violation of the decision of the Supreme Court while the second petition will be against the legal errors of the Election Commission in the decision.

While giving a press conference, he said that they want to end our politics by blocking. Our funding, the people of Pakistan need to understand.

Imran Khan stood up:

Go on, now there is a leader in Pakistan who says that I have to do politics on the strength of the people and in the last 4 months it was seen that there was an attempt to take away the mandate but Imran Khan stood up.

Asad Umar said that the people of Pakistan are not ready to surrender and be enslave to foreign powers. While money is also neede for people’s power and politics and he says that. I will not take money from the people or anyone, from abroad.

The economy of the country is standing only with the remittance of money. Politics cannot be done without money because money is needed to put up banners and flags.

Imran Khan collected the most charity in the history of Pakistan. And Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf People send money from home and abroad. The former federal minister said that Imran Khan built 3 Shaukat Khanum Hospitals and Nimal University.

Imran Khan and the people together have put this system in danger. And parties are running on public money, unfortunately few families in Pakistan has ruled.


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