PTI decides to submit videos of police violence to International Human Commission

PTI police violence

PTI decides to submit videos of police violence to International Human Commission

Police broke into houses and carried out hooliganism. Criminal complaints will also be registered in Pakistan. Petitions are being file for protection of Long March. We have the right to protest against the decision of the Supreme Court.

Spokesperson PTI News Conference Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesman Fawad Chaudhry has said that the police will present the videos of violence to the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC). We will do it, whether the protest is our right or not. He told a news conference with Hamad Azhar that Maulana Sahib had increased the money for the Hajj operation as soon as he went to Saudi Arabia.

According to Petroleum Minister Sadiq Malik, there is no money for poisoning, but then why are they making these visits? The Prime Minister has left for his sixth visit. If so, save a little money, the government’s money is being waste. The government seems to have been hande over to the spectators.

If you hear Rana Sanaullah closing his eyes, you will hear that Altaf Hussain is talking. Movements continue, PPP marches long, JUI-F’s recognized militia is Ansar-ul-Islam, Chairman CDA directly ordered.

The men entered the houses of the police. The women are in the houses, Hamad Azhar was hit directly by a shell. Criminal complaints are also being lodge inside Pakistan, like no other in Pakistan. All the videos are being sent by the Human Commission, and are also drawing the attention of the United Nations. He was torture to death in Gujranwala on the charge of theft. There are cases,


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