Productivity Apps: Best Productivity Apps, You Must Have On Your Phone

best productivity apps you must have on your phone

Hello Lovely People! How are you doing! Well, today we are going to explore the best productivity apps. Yes, we will, why? You are asking me why? You know life is so uncertain and unpredictable as it seems after the pandemic. But you need to understand that goals in life have to be achieved as early as possible. Otherwise, you must have never found a chance to achieve them. That’s not just my idea but the general conclusion after the pandemic. The reality is that we are as productive as we should. We need to understand that every day is an opportunity to work closer to our dream. So, here we are with the best productivity apps, you must need while doing the work closer to your dream.


  • Calm, one of my favourite app that will help you stay calm and positive. I have included it in your productive apps section because it is necessary to do meditation whenever you are going for your goal or bigger dream, you need to relax your body as well as your mind. Check it Now!
  • Flipd is one of the most attractive apps in the App Store, In this app, you can manage, your focus time, study time, sleeping and detox time. Also, you are using all these features with the thousands of people around the world live. So in the productive apps, I will give it 8/10.
  • Forest, this app is the master of all productive apps. In this app, you plant trees on the basis of the task you do every day, the productive work.
  • Structured, If you can’t afford the paid planner apps for planning your day, this is the best app you can use for planning your day. Although, it’s a simple app, still, it’s my best choice. I still use this app as my productive apps partner.

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