Press conference of PTI leaders on the recent statement of DG ISPR

Press conference of PTI leaders on the recent statement of DG ISPR

Press conference

Press conference of PTI leaders of PTI leaders on the recent statement of DG ISPR.
He do not explain political issues. NS Committee are clear Pakistan was directly threatened from USA.

PTI leader Asad Umar has demanded re-establishment of Judicial Commission. Inquiry from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary General Asad Umar. Yesterday; the DG ISPR said in response to the statement. That DG ISPR should not interpret political issues.

If you see the first meeting of the National Security Committee, stay away.

The facts were; that letter was a direct threat to Pakistan. If the movement succeeds, everything will be forgiven. The security committee is clear. Stated in the national security press release. That foreign intervention was not part of a larger conspiracy or threat.

No evidence of conspiracy was found. However, External interference is clearly mentione in the press release. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

Shirin Mazari

The letter said that if the no-confidence motion failed; it would be difficult for Pakistan. Pakistan was directly threatene in Safar. Its present at the first meeting of the National Security Committee.

In conclusion; Imran Khan as chairman PTI will write a letter; to the Supreme Court for investigation. The Judicial Commission wants the facts; Asad Omar said. That the defense of national security.

Their only demand is that the nation has the right to reach the truth. Imran Khan’s decision to go to Russia was take after much consultation.

Above all, list of our meetings with the US Embassy. The American conspiracy model already exists. We are saying that this is the first time for America. Not doing.

“Now whether this imported government has or hasn’t come through interference or conspiracy; let political parties talk to each other about this. In other words; now that he has spoken so it is necessary to give a response.”

“What I am saying was not once; but twice time its mentioned. In addition, the press release after the NSC meetings [and] words of a ‘clear foreign interference’. And are used and it was said that ‘this isn’t at all acceptable.'”