Noun and Its Types

Types of Nouns

Noun and its types. Words that refer to persons, places, things, or ideas are referred to as nouns. There are various sorts of nouns that fall under the umbrella word. Noun and its types

Noun and Its Types

Common Nouns

In general, common nouns refer to persons, places, things, or concepts. Common nouns include words like friend, state, shoe, and freedom.

Proper Nouns

Proper nouns aren’t meant to be used as broad references. Rather, they refer to certain nouns. The word “state,” for example, is a common noun. However, because they are the names of individual states, proper nouns such as Nebraska and California are proper nouns. Proper nouns come in a variety of forms.

Lisa and Edward headed to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.
Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama, was his alma mater.

Nouns that are concrete

At least one of our five senses can detect concrete nouns. They’re words that describe physical objects that can be touched, seen, smelled, felt, or tasted.

Is it okay if I pet your dog?
Pass the salt, please.
Your sweater is comprised of a luxurious wool blend.

Abstract Noun

Abstract nouns are used to refer to more theoretical topics. Concepts or sentiments that cannot be physically experienced or touched are referred to as abstract nouns. Abstract nouns include concepts, attributes, or conditions such as love, hate, power, and time.

Love is all that is required.
The new Star Wars trilogy has a lot of backlashes.

Collective Noun

Nouns that refer to a group of something, in particular, are collective nouns. When referring to groups of animals, collective nouns are frequently employed. Consider the sentences that follow.

Take a look at those flock of geese.
On the grassland, there used to be herds of wild buffalo.
Today’s pool has a large number of children.
The team performed admirably in the competition.

Singular NounsĀ 

A single noun is a word that describes only one person, place, or thing.

My brother resides in the house.
This dish was quite tasty.
Last night, I stayed in a motel.

Nouns in the Plural Form

A plural noun refers to a group of people, places, or things.

In the last five years, I’ve lived in three separate apartments.
This summer, I intend to take at least two vacations.
Before Friday’s deadline, I need to compose three pieces.

Possessive NounsĀ 

Possessive nouns show that someone, somewhere, or something owns something. They usually finish in an “s,” just like plural nouns, but possessive nouns contain an apostrophe before the “s.” Looking for an apostrophe is the easiest approach to find them.

Melissa’s mind wandered as she fantasised about her upcoming trip to Ireland.
The scenery in Ireland is simply magnificent.
The squeaky newspaper is the puppy’s favourite toy.

Countable Nouns

Countable nouns can be singular or plural in form. They can be changed by numbers, but they can also be used with quantifiers like many, most, more, or several.

In that garage, there is a bicycle. The word bike is singular in this case since it refers to a single bike.

Uncountable Nouns

Some nouns, on the other hand, are not countable. Milk, rice, water, and flour are examples of liquids and powders that are usually uncountable nouns.