Mission Impossible 7 Halts Production as Crew Tested Positive

Mission Impossible 7 Production Halts

Mission Impossible 7 production discontinues for 2 weeks after crew tested positive. Paramount pictures confirm that the shooting of the MI 7 will continue after 2 weeks. The movie starring Tom Cruise as Ethan hunt will begin shooting on June 14th. The shooting was to take place in the UK for the Spy series. Also, it is not clear that how many people were working and tested positive. Tom Cruise is also producing the Spy Series and playing the lead role. The actor is careful in making compliance with the guidelines. Last year, the video of Tom shouting on the crew was all over the internet.

Mission Impossible 7 Production Halts

Paramount says we have decided not to continue the production until June 14th, 2021. They will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions afterward. The making of Mission Impossible 7 had to undergo several delays. However, now the production and filming are in the making at WB Studios. The film will continue its shoot at Warner Bros. studio in Hertfordshire. The shooting will also involve places from the UK.

The actor surprises fans in the village of Levisham in April. Pictures of the fans are surfacing on the internet. The 58 years old actor taken distant selfies with fans, following social distancing. The audio of the actor surfacing a couple of months ago, swearing at the crew. “I don’t ever want to see it ever again, ever!” was heard shouting at crew members. Cruise warns the crew clearly to fire if he sees anybody doing that again. The Mission Impossible 7th installment is in the works to release by May 2022.