Milk A delicate and easily digestible food

Milk A delicate and easily digestible food

Milk A delicate and easily digestible food

Milk is a delicate and easily digestible food. It is called a perfect animal food because it contains ingredients like proteins, fats, starches (carbohydrates) and salt. The properties of milk of different animals are different. It also depends on his age, diet and health.

Therefore, doctors advise patients with molecular (brain disorders) to breastfeed a young goat whose color is red or black and who does not give birth to more than two children.

Also, do not have a baby more than three or four months old and less than forty days old. When mammals are fed a poor diet. So milk definitely goes bad. The milk of cows and buffaloes living in green pastures is rich in all kinds of vitamins, but if they are reared on dry grass then the amount of vitamins in milk decreases. Milk should be protected from flies and dust, as milk quickly becomes a breeding ground for cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases.

Camel’s milk

Camel milk is low in fat and high in minerals. It is a delicate and diuretic. To increase the spleen and to get rid of bladder and liver inflammation, Buzuri syrup is poured into camel’s milk and given.

Istisqa (a disease in which the patient is very thirsty. The patient’s stomach becomes very large. And the whole body becomes loose and sluggish and swells). , Which benefits.

Goat’s milk

Goat’s milk is thinner because it contains less cheese and sugar.

It contains a very small amount of picric acid, so the milk has a special odor. This milk is digestible and diuretic. Goat’s milk is softer than cow’s and buffalo’s milk. This milk is considere to be useful in relieving cough, tuberculosis, lung wounds and sore throat. In addition, it is also beneficial in relieving bladder wounds and sores.

Sheep’s milk

Sheep’s milk is dirtier than goat’s milk. It contains more fat. This milk is slower to digest and heavier. It is useful for brain and cerebral palsy. If you suffer from cough or dysentery or have intestinal ulcers, it is beneficial to eat acacia gum with sheep’s milk.

Buffalo milk

Buffalo milk is high in fat and cheese ingredients. It makes the body fat and gives strength to the organs. Buffalo milk produces more blood. It is beneficial for hemorrhoids patient Being a creator) harms patients with anorexia nervosa.

Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is low in water, sugar and salts, but high in fat and cheese.

It contains a lot of nutrients. This milk is not only easily digeste, but also gives strength to the heart and mind. Cow’s milk makes the body fat and softens the body. And relieves lung ulcers, provided there is healthy and strong cow’s milk. It contains amino acids and tryptophan, which together produce nicotinic acid. Are


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