Melons and watermelons are natural gifts in summer

Melons and watermelons:

Melons and watermelons:

Melons and watermelons are natural gifts in summer

With the arrival of summer, the arrival of these two fruits is a great gift of nature that quenches thirst as well as hunger. These juicy fruits have numerous benefits.

One of the most important benefits is that they contain 92% water. In addition, their nutritional benefits are also certain, for example, along with vitamins A, B and C, amino acid lycopene and antioxidants are also included.

Eating a large bowl full of red watermelon seeds provides around 40 calories. So even those who are losing weight can eat it without fear. Vitamin A is good for vision especially night vision.It is useful for weak people, their vision starts to improve.

The function of vitamin B6 is to improve and regulate the process of assimilation of food in the body.

In addition, this vitamin is useful for hair, skin, eyes and liver, and vitamin C helps the body’s immune system in addition to benefiting other organs. Amino acids help repair tissues and muscles along with protein production. There are 20 different types. Antioxidants protect us from deadly diseases like cancer and lycopene is also a helpful ingredient.

Many varieties of melons are available in the market, among them honeydew and cantaloupe are very popular. There is a ball fille with. When it is cut in the form of grains, the upper part is the sweetest and juicy, but if you eat it until the peel, the sweetness decreases. Cantaloupe melons are similar in size to honeydews, but are striated and have a slightly harder and rougher rind.


Carotenoids included in it protect us from various types of cancers, especially lung cancer. It contains a substance Adenosine that prevents the formation of blood clots, which prevents the risk of strokes and protects against heart diseases. Is.

Constipation patients should increase the consumption of melon because its pulp plays an active role in stimulating the bowels. It also contains up to 90% water, so it helps in digestion. It also removes acidity. Is.

The collagen present in it keeps the skin cells stable, which reduces the formation of wrinkles. Apart from healing the wound quickly, these proteins also prevent it from becoming dry and rough.

Melon is a diuretic fruit, in this sense, it reduces the possibility of kidney stones by improving the cleaning of the kidneys.

It is also an ideal food for those who want to lose weight because it does not contain sodium. It is also free of fat and cholesterol and only 48 calories are consume in a large bowl.


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