Mehndi: What is Mehndi and Its Culture?

What is Mehndi and Its Culture

There are a lot of cultures around the world that are very different from each other. If you want to know about your culture completely, stay tuned. Well, the cultural difference is the beauty of life on the earth. People around the world wear different kinds of robes and eat differently. For instance, Chinese, Korean and Japanese people eat with Chopsticks while the western world eats with Spoon and forks. If you come towards the Arabian sea, they are eating with hand. Contradictally, it doesn’t mean they don’t have enough money to buy spoons, it means that’s their cultural value. So, mehndi is also a culture for most indians.

Mehndi is a kind of Wedding festival edition. The wedding in India and related countries consist of a lot of celebration along with. Furthermore, every tradition related to wedding is celebrated with full power and happiness. If you want to explore the wedding ceremonies in India, Click here. 

Furthermore, the mehndi is the traditional pre-wedding day celebration. Mehndi consists of a dancing ceremony in which all of the girls and boys dance. Also, the old women sing folk songs related to girls departure and mehndi and the importance of parents. So, you can say, this is an amalgam of emotions and practical efforts.


The sole idea of this event is all about the sole celebration in the wedding girls and boys’ side. Furthermore, they are separate celebrations at first but with modernity, people from both sides come together to enjoy it. This function is celebrated at night. Girls put mehndi, Hina, on their hands and eat sweets. Furthermore, there are dance competitions and singing competitions between boys and girl’s sides. Overall, mehndi is the best celebration in the Indian wedding which is vocal and beautiful.

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