Maran Khan’s announcement to hold a peaceful

Maran Khan's announcement:

Imaran Khan’s announcement:

Imaran Khan’s announcement to hold a peaceful protest in front of the Election Commission on Thursday

If the Election Commissioner resigns, 80 percent of the population does not have confidence in the Election Commission. In any case the Election Commissioner should not conduct the next elections.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s address to the party meeting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has announced a peaceful protest in front of the Election Commission on Thursday.

He said that the Election Commissioner should resign. 80% of the population does not trust the Election Commission. Addressing the meeting of PTI’s National Council.

He said that the present government has done something in four and a half months. It is clear that their interest was to take these votes, if they had to come. Someone If they would come up with a plan.

Imran Khan’s announcement:

Miftah would say that we will fix the economy in this way. It was just a plan on how to waive 1100 billion by amending the NAB law.

I just want to tell their achievement today, when the no-confidence motion was presente. The exchange rate was 178 and today it is 250, the interest rate is 11 in March and today is more than 15.

Our tax collection was 32 percent in March and today it has come to 10 percent. Remittance and Exports both started coming down, record dollars were coming into Pakistan during our time.

The most dangerous thing is it is leading us to default, external deficit widened in March, oil prices went up even during our time. Inflation is 17% in March and 38% today.

The growth rate was 6% now at 2.3%, it means less tax collections and more unemployment, despite Corona most jobs were given in our time.

We increased the price of oil by 12 rupees, then Bilawal started a shivering inflation march, we were selling petrol at 150 rupees per liter.

Diesel was 144 per liter, today the price of oil in the international market is 95 dollars and petrol is 227 and diesel is 244 rupees per liter in the international market. The price of ghee has come down to Rs 200.

In March, the industrial growth was 26% and today it is at 10%. Compare electricity and load shedding in our time and today. He said that the purpose of saying is that when our government was overthrown under the conspiracy, what was the crisis in Pakistan.

What was the need for those people who were watching the conspiracy. And the decision is that we will not do anything, what is happening to the country today, they are also responsible.

Pakistan is the fourth in default after Sri Lanka, today the army chief is calling the American to recommend the IMF to give money. Give me peace, think where the country stands.

The confidence of the government has fallen so much that they have to ask the army chief to take money from the IMF. These two families do not know how much money they have abroad, the country is going bankrupt while their money is increasing.

We should not allow anyone who has money abroad, because it is self-inflicte. Live abroad, money abroad and property abroad, Britain has six million people, fifty percent of their GDP is high.

Their prime minister cannot live in the Mayfair area. While he lives there, to save taxes and The stolen money is kept outside. The biggest crisis in Pakistan is the dollar.

They are telling overseas Pakistanis to bring their money to Pakistan while they are sending their money out. Yes, these bandits were pulling their teeth when the meeting was held, when the rupee went down, they have benefited.

The party’s view will be that they will not allow anyone to lead who has money outside. He said that when I went home with a diary from the Prime Minister’s House.

I and Bushra Bibi, if we lose, my relatives also turn away. I thought that there is no need to look at the phone after coming from the office. But when I saw the phone and TV after a while, the people were out on the streets.

Imran Khan peacefully protested in front of the Election Commission on Thursday. He announced to protest and said that he will protest outside the Election Commission on Thursday at 2 o’clock. He said that he will take two-thirds majority in the next election.


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