Makeup Routine: Here is the best 5-minutes Makeup Routine

5 minute Makeup routine

A woman is known for what she wore and how she looks. It has been the parameter of beauty and personality scales for years in the case of women. So, one thing is clear that you need to look adorable while working or going out. Looking flawless gives another level of motivation and confidence that sparkle comes out of your life. But while taking care of time and your tough routine, how you can manage to apply the perfect and nice makeup in no time? So here we are coming up with the best 5-minutes makeup routine which will create a positive change in your daily glow up.

The 5-Minutes Makeup Routine

  • For nourishment and skincare. Apply hydration mask after every second day. It keeps your skin hydrated and clean and helps to remove all the dead elements out of the skin. This is the additional tip before your makeup routine.
  • Set up a makeup kit consisting of BB-cream or CC-cream, Natural coloured lipstick, Mascara, Liner, highlighter and nude highlighter.
  • First of all, wash your face with lukewarm water and clean it off. Here comes the 2nd part, the true makeup routine.
  • After applying any moisturizer, apply a pinch amount of your BB-Cream, it will blow up with a natural and smooth look.
  • Then, Apply a natural coloured lipstick without using the pencil. You can choose lip-gloss or lip-stain based on your choice and availability.
  • For the case of eye-shadow, apply a peach or skin colour palette for the best look if you are an office lady. Otherwise, you can use any light colour for your eyes.
  • Furthermore, you use mascara and eyeliner. For eyeliners, I recommend using water-based if your skin is oily. it is best for  your makeup routine
  • Last but not least, use a highlighter on your cheekbone. Using a highlighter instead of Blush is a good choice. Highlighter will make your cheekbone prominent and create a magnificent look on your face.

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