Make nails strong and beautiful

Make nails strong and beautiful

Make nails strong and beautiful

Make nails strong and beautiful, Lahore Women take special care of their face to look beautiful and try different tips to keep their face fresh and fresh. Soft hands and beautifully cut nails attract the attention of the spectators and add four moons to your charm.

Therefore, along with the face, you should also take special care of your hands so that a charming impression can be created on your whole personality.

While working at home, women often complain that their nails get broken and there are some people who have a habit of eating nails which does not allow the nails to grow and also affects their development.

The best way to strengthen your nails is to dip them in lemon juice as they get longer.

How to remove artificial nails?

Artificial nails are very difficult to remove. A very simple and easy way to do this is to put spirit or petroleum between the artificial and natural nails and turn the hands upside down and gently remove the edge of the artificial nails. Put in a bottle and apply on nails.

Artificial Nails

Soaking your hard nails in gelatin for 15 minutes daily will make them stronger. Nail care Massage a little warm oil around the nails and then clean it thoroughly so that no traces of grease remain. Apply on fingers and hands. After two or three minutes, wash and dry your hands and apply lotion.

Apply the first layer of nail polish from the root to the tip of the nails. From the blotting paper so that the polish is remove and there are no cracks.

Apply the nail polish a little away from the upper skin. So that the air does not reach the roots of the nails. Dip the orange stick into the remover and clean thoroughly. If your nails are more square then apply nail polish in oval shape.

Do special cleaning for the beauty of the nails so that. They are free from germs as dirt accumulates inside the big nails which can lead to disease.