Lemons are a natural beauty product

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Lemons are a natural beauty product.

Lemons are a natural beauty product. Vitamin C found in lemons boosts the body’s immune system and helps heal wounds. Its use prevents tooth decay and stops toothache and bleeding gums. Lemon peel is also full of medicinal properties.

Use oily skin and lemons:

Mix a few drops of powdered milk in a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Make the same amount of rose water paste and apply it on the face. To make face polish at home, take equal parts of lemon juice, glycerin and honey (half a cup) and mix two teaspoons of rose liqueur and two teaspoons of sandal powder in it. It can also be refrigerated. Apply this face polish and massage lightly on the face. Clean after ten minutes.

Color protection:

Women who are worried about going to Sano Lahore should drink half a lemon in lukewarm water every morning. Squeeze the remaining half of the lemons from the top and apply on the face before going to bed at night.

Lemon Juice

To close holes and remove grain marks:

Make a paste by adding two drops of lemon juice and the same amount of basin in cucumber juice equal to one teaspoon. Then apply it on face and wash off when dry. You will notice a noticeable difference in skin color.

Complete skin protection:

Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a glass of well-boiled milk. Add a teaspoon of glycerin. Apply this mixture on face, hands, feet and neck for half an hour before going to bed at night. Use it daily at night. In a few days it will make your skin beautiful and youthful.

Removes dryness of cracked heels, hands and face. It also protects the skin from frostbite and sunlight.

Rings around the eyes:

Grind lemon peels and apply on the circles around the eyes. This is how these circles end.

For hair:

After making tea, boil the remaining leaves in a kettle in two liters of water and squeeze the juice of one lemon. Then wash your head with this water. It will make your hair shine. Mix a few drops of amla juice with lemon juice before going to bed at night. It prevents hair from falling out. Keeps long