Leg bandage, Heel ankle bandage, Knee bandage, ParT (II)

Leg bandage, Heel ankle bandage

Leg bandage,

Heel bandage , ankle bandage ,  Knee bandage 

Tying the bandage on the elbow thigh:

When this bandage is being tied, the injured person should stand and the person wearing the bandage should stand in front of him. Bend the bandage above the buttocks. Start tying the bandage from the left thigh and bring the bandage inwards and outwards so that a circle around the thigh will be complete.

Go around the side and reach the waist and from there around the side come to the left thigh. This way one circle or circle around the abdomen and waist will be complete. Now from here the second circle or circle will be complete. Start the cycle which will be wrappe as before but in such a way that it will cover the first one.

Tie a bandage on both elbows and thighs together: Begin this bandage as you would a bandage on an elbow thigh. Pass it to the outside of the left thigh. Now tie the elbow thigh on this side.

Flower bandage:

Flower bandage is very useful for arms or hands. The floral strip is made by folding a handkerchief or other cloth into a triangle shape. If the purpose of the bandage is to support the hands and lift them slightly. If this is done, it is better to fold this triangular strip in the form of a necklace. And then put it in the neck and tie a knot behind the neck and shorten it so that the hand can lift to the desired height.

Triangular strip:

To make a triangular strip, take a splinter or muslin or some other cotton cloth forty inches square. Mix the front corners of the fabric and double it and cut it between the other two corners. So that two triangular strips are forme from the triangular strip. If you want to make a wide strip, bring its tip to the middle point of the rule. And then repeat the strip on it. A piece of straps, beads, turbans, laces, cords, etc. can also be use.


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