Karachi Biryani: How to cook the best Karachi Biryani

karachi biryani, the best way to cook
Karachi Biryani

Hello guys, well you everyone is familiar with the word Biryani and must have had before at your home or any restaurant. So, today, we are having the best authentic recipe of homemade Karachi biryani. The one you can cook at home but with the best taste and better systematic and natural spike. Here, we are the best cook, a cook is hidden inside everyone so we also have the one. Let’s do some chores and explore our cooking skills so that we can also say, Yes I can Cook! Its all easy steps and you can get the best biryani in no time

Karachi biryani: Ingredients

Rice- 1kg

Chicken- 0.5 kg

Potato- 3 to 4 medium

Onion- 2 big

Tomato- 2 medium

food colour- yellow 1 tsp

Star anise- 3 to 4

Garam masala- 1tsp

Salt- as per needed

Red chilli powder- as per needed

Karachi Biryani: Recipe

In the cooking of Karachi Biryani, first of all, Wash off all the ingredients, Then add about a quarter saucepan of water. On heating, when comes bubbles add rice and let it soft. after that strain it and keep it aside. Now add 2 tsp of oil and add onion and chicken into another pan. when both get brown, add tomato and a minute later sliced potato into it. After the potato get cooked add 4 glass of water with the spices and salt.

After, the water started boiling with bubbles. keep your gas at low medium and get it cooked until it leaves oil on the surface. A beautiful smell of Karachi biryani will surround your house and Kitchen. So, here you keep a layer of boiled rice in another big Karahi, after that slice a layer of chicken cooked material into it and so on. After all, layering, add the food colour in the circular direction in the biryani and keep in on the very low gas (dum) for quite 5-10 minutes. And now your Biryani is ready. for sauce and pastes, you can use shan products.

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