Istrael Moums Festival Turned Tragic

Festival Turned Tragic

The Lag B’Omer festival turned tragic as more than 45 people killed at the Holy Site in Israel on the 30th of April 2021. While the festival is greatly celebrated among ultra-orthodox Jews, other Jewish communities also join to commemorate the event. The Lag B’Omer is celebrated traditionally at the tomb of Bar Yochai in Meron where people gather to rejoice. This event is traditionally followed by 2 popular reasons that include the passing of revered knowledgeable “Rabbi Shimon Bar” and the ending of the plague. The crowd crush resulted as the passageway was blocked by a large number of pilgrims at the site.

Death due to Stampede in Israel

The number of people affected by it crosses. Hundreds and includes people who have suffered injuries ranging from major to minor and even fatalities. Reportedly, there are more than 150 people identified injured. In addition, 45 people identified dead that also include 12 teenager and children among victims. Among the young victims, there were 2 brothers aged 14 and 9 years old.

Israel Mourns

Following this unfortunate event, the flags were lowered to half, and events postponed to share the loss of the people of their loved ones. According to one of the victims who suffered serious injuries that broke ribs and ankle. There was a stream of the crowd in the passage that crushed people including the sons of the victim. Reportedly, more than 2000 people donated blood to help those in critical condition.