Islamabad: Things You Must Do While Visiting Islamabad

Things you must do while visiting Islamabad

There are many capitals in the world which are amazing enough to visit. For example Tokoyo, D.C and others. Well, my purpose isn’t to explain the beauty of capitals around the world. But I am gonna talk about the Capital of Pakistan Islamabad. Well, due to terrorism and other illegal activities in Pakistan. The general perception of Pakistan has changed a lot in recent years. But Pakistan is quite a safe and healthy country overall. Additionally, people here are a lot more friendly and cooperative than you think. You can stay here to visit and people will offer you free food because they are respecting you! So, here we are visiting Islamabad, these things you must do!

Let’s Visit Islamabad

Islamabad is a regional area of Murree. So, the weather here is quite unpredictable and pleasant. Winter here is very awesome and enjoyable. If you want to visit Islamabad, you should come during the winter season. In short, there is something, you must do or visit while your stay here.

Faisal Mosque: If you have come to Islamabad and didn’t visit Faisal Mosque. It is a waste I think. You need to visit the Faisal mosque. It is one of the biggest Mosques in Pakistan. And, it is built by the association of Saudi King Faisal.

Centaurus Mall: The Centaurus Mall is the main attraction of Islamabad. This is the longest tower and quite amazing and metropolitan. You can find anything of your need there. Either you wanted the cultural Pakistani art pieces or modern Western clothes.

Food Street: If you are a big foodie like me, you must want to know about some places for food, so here is the best food street in twin city Rawalpindi. where you can enjoy the best continental and cultural cuisine.

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