Is the World Moving Towards World War 3?

World War Three
Is the World Moving Towards World War 3?  Almost forty million people, including military personnel and civilians, lost their precious lives during world war1, whereas seventy million casualties recorded as the outbreak of the second world war, claimed as the deadliest war of the era.
The dilemma of power or superiority among multipolar global scenarios turned the peaceful world into bloody pathways within the period of almost seventeen years (1914 -1995), leaving the world in a helpless condition.

Is the World Moving Towards World War 3

Even after such deadliest and deteriorated global conditions and failure of Nation Leagues, the tug of war began between two victorious rivals, the Soviet Union and the US, that period the era marked as the era of “Cold War ” (1945-1990). Usage of nuclear war was strictly banned in such warfare, as the world had already paid the high cost of previous great world wars claiming the lives of billions of people worldwide. However, the cold war began as non-conventional warfare but segregated the whole world into chunks of nations and ideologies. As a result, proxy wars were introduced where underdeveloped and less influential states became the fighting weapons for these two socialist and communist ideologies warring to attain bipolar status.

 Cold Wat Era

Although the Cold War ended in 1990, a peaceful environment is still absent. Even after such deadliest wars, which scattered the world into multiple disparities. Including loss of precious lives and extreme economic crises around the globe.
some nation-states are still in a warring situation for the impulsion of power by the annexation of the particular state.
According to the famous saying, “History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.”
The details mentioned above have already explained this saying from a broader perspective.
Besides tremendous losses, including human loss and economic loss for more than a century.
To save the world from such sufferings. There is an urgent need to promote liberalist approaches around the globe. It denies the realist approach that IS all about power attainment and self-interest. Fighting for self-interest only provokes conflicts within the particular region.
In contrast, cooperation which is the central theme of the liberalist approach promotes harmony among the nations and states worldwide.
The world has already gone through the deadliest scenarios; therefore, there is a time to realize that conflicts only result in destruction.
The hour demands global cooperation by peace promoters, and liberalist movements to promote harmony everywhere.